VAE CONTROLS - Production and development of electronic equipment

We particularly specialise in electronic facilities and control systems to be deployed in explosion risk-involving environments, in particular those present in petrochemistry and mining industry, but also in consumer utilities. Our specialty is design and production of prototypes, small- and medium-sized series. The company has been certified to EU ATEX directive in the domain of production of electrical equipment to be deployed in explosion risk involving environments.

 We also operate our own ing lab equipped with instruments to perform electromagnetic compatibility ing (EMC) and hydraulic and climatic ing, that are also left to be used by external customers. As of 1st March, 2004, 88 highly qualified and motivated employees were working for VAE CONTROLS. Most of them are university-educated and all of them can speak at least one foreign language. Knowledge of English prevails though we can also communicate in Polish, German, Russian, Serbian and Bulgarian

Electrical Container for an Air Pollution
Electrical container for an Air POllution Control Plant. Product of Autel / VAE CONTROLS Group.