Oil & Gas

VAE CONTROLS® designs and implements comprehensive supplies of technologies and control systems for fuel and crude-oil product storages and terminals.

Re/Construction of tankfarms and terminals for petroleum products

Terminal control and administration system TAMAS®

Electronics for explosion-risk environment

Water supply

VAE CONTROLS® focuses on the central control centers for distribution of drinking water and sewer networks and local water-supply systems of control objects.

Control of Water-Supply and Sewerage Networks

Control Systems for Water Treatment and Waste Water Treatment Plants

SCX SCADA WAMAS telemetry systems


VAE CONTROLS® manufacture electronic devices mainly for industrial applications and machinery. We specialized especially on the products designed for explosion-risk environment.

Industrial electronics and Precision engineering

Professional electrical technology assembly works

Environmental services, comprehensive biogas station supplies

EPCC Services

VAE CONTROLS ® provides customers with of a strong design, development and implementation environment with the option of financing individual projects and top know-how in focused fields.

Turn key deliveries of technological units

Design and engineering services

Control SW for local real time technological processes